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Inspired by the whiteness that surrounds you during sleep, the Whites Collection offers a restful sleep while also ensuring that you will not compromise your health! 

Given that one third of human life is spent sleeping, it would be safe to say that the products providing comfort in bed are directly related to your mental and physical health. Quality sleep profoundly affects your productivity during the day, which also reflects on your hormonal levels and mood. In addition to offering basic sleep products that directly affect your quality of life, the Whites Collection has combined comfort with solutions specific to personal health with the Espira Home quality.

We are confident that the Whites Collection will exceed your expectations and provide peaceful sleep, as a result of the studies and research we’ve been conducting since 2006.

There is a right option for everyone among the sleep elements prepared by experts, which you can choose by combining many variables such as your allergies, the geography and air conditioning status of your home.

Not compromising on quality or your health, the Whites Collection by Espira Home consists of pieces that you can use with pleasure for years. The collection was designed with a focus on natural and nature-friendly materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo, visco. It has been produced using local and slow production methods, putting sustainability and labor above all.

Espira - Yün Lifestyle
Espira - Yün


Wool, one of the most frequently used heat-regulating materials for a sound sleep experience, is resistant to cold and heat. Thanks to their durable fiber structure, wool pillows and comforters can be used for many years,  absorbing and evaporating excess moisture in the environment, which provides you with a comfortable sleeping environment. With an ability to absorb moisture up to 33% of its own dry weight, wool helps with heating in cold weather and cooling in hot weather. As such, you can use wool pillows and comforters for four seasons.
Espira - Yün Yastık
Espira - Yün Yorgan
Espira - Pamuk Lifestyle
Espira - Pamuk


A return to traditional methods for comfortable sleep…

Cotton will take you back to your childhood with its soft and full structure, as it distributes heat evenly by releasing air during sleep and protects your body against changes in temperature.

Cotton fully maintains its thermal insulation properties even when it’s wet, and adapts to changing temperatures during sleep thanks to its breathability. Cotton is a 100% natural material suitable for use across all four seasons.

Espira - Pamuk
Espira - Pamuk Yorgan
Espira - Pamuk Yastık
Espira - Bambu


Bamboo is the choice of those who care about their health…

If you are looking for a breathable, odor- and bacteria-free comforter or pillow, a mixture of nanofibers and bamboo would be the right filler for you.

Bamboo, used as raw material for natural yarns, absorbs moisture very well and helps the body breathe by providing air permeability.
Being a natural cellulose fiber, bamboo is extremely soft and lightweight.
Bamboo is grown without the need for chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and is 100% natural.

Espira - Bambu Yastık
Espira - Bambu Yorgan
Espira - Kaz Tüyü Lifestyle
Espira - Kaz Tüyü
Espira - Kaz Tüyü


Goose down, one of the fibers with the highest heating capacity, keeps the heat more than other filler materials and ensures the preservation of body temperature even at low temperatures, while creating a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment thanks to its light and thin structure. The goose down inside the pillows and comforters comprises of jowl and back feathers, and the more jowl feather there is, the softer and warmer it is.

Espira - Swan Yastık



Espira - Feather Yastık


Espira - Aloevera


Aloe Vera has been a part of human life for centuries thanks to its soothing, antibacterial and healing effect, and now, it’s in your bed…

During sleep, the fabric containing Aloe Vera extract will support the moisture your skin needs, preventing skin irritation or allergies. Pillows and comforters with 100% microfiber cases and a breathable structure that contain Aloe Vera, balance the heat in your body and sleep environment. Designed to increase your sleep and skin quality, this very feature makes Aloe Vera suitable for use throughout the four seasons.

Espira - Aloevera
Espira - Bambu Yastık
Espira - Aloe Vera Yorgan
Espira - Aloe Vera Yorgan